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Our Mission Statement

Our Association Name is our carefully selected 
Mission Statement - "You Have A Friend".

It is a name and statement we are truly proud of and are deeply connected with. 
We support and welcome the marginalised and those in our community needing our support and love. 
So too the homeless, which does not necessarily mean people without shelter or a roof over their heads, - those who are truly "home - less".......think about it!
In summary our major goals are to support; 
  • Our Patrons who are in most cases the marginalised in our society
  • Our Volunteers
  • Our Sponsors and Supporters 
  • Our Own spiritual satisfaction of supporting our fellow man, woman and child 
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Imagine only having contact with people who are paid to have contact with you........This is chronic homelessness.

Define Homeless: 'An inadequate experience of connectedness with family and or community.' This fact is now recognized by Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

"He who has no house has no word in society." - Anonymous

"For the first time in our history it is possible to conquer poverty." - Lyndon B. Johnson's Special Message to Congress (March 16, 1964) 

"Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime." - Aristotle
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You Have A Friend 

Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are our lifeblood. Without our dedicated volunteers we are unable to support our Friends in the way needed. 

We outreach on a weekly basis in the Tweed district. We provide over 320 meals each week to those in need in the Tweed district. We also support caravan parks, housing commission complexes and boarding houses. The areas we support are Coolangatta, Tweed Heads, Chinderah, Murwillumbah, Mt. Warning, Uki and Wooyung.

At each outreach we provide tinned food as well as blankets and clothing to those who need it.

There are always demands on our services. Demands many people can assist us with not only on the "front line", but also behind the scenes. 

It may well be street outreaching is not for you. However there are many ways that you can assist us and our friends and volunteering is a most rewarding experience.... Read More 

Liebow in 1993 in studying emergency shelters for homeless women noted that:
"People are not homeless because they are physically disabled, mentally ill, abusers of alcohol or other drugs, or unemployed. These conditions do not explain homelessness. 
Homeless people are homeless because they do not have a place to live".

"Homeless people are homeless because they do not have a place to live"
Something to think about.

Fact - In the 1970s in  America alone over 100 million  perscriptions each year were being given for such things as depression, anxiety and so forth. 
That was before they realised that much of that medication was not safe.
How many children around the world were therefore born - already drug addicts??? Through no fault of their own !!!!

Fact - Very few hospitals today cater for people affected mentally - the authorities provide medication and send them back out to the streets !!!!
Although our charity is heavily involved with supporting the homeless and marginalised throughout the Tweed District of Australia, there are major needs within Tweed Heads that need addressing and we are endeavouring to solve that situation through government lobbying.

For example -
  • Tweed Heads has the highest homeless per capita rate in NSW 
  • As of February 2011, there were more women sleeping on the streets of Tweed Heads than there are men.
  • The waiting list for Department of Housing available accomodation in Tweed Heads is approximately 20 years! 
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Please consider donating to our charity
We are a 100% not-for-profit charity and all money donated supports the homeless and marginalised of the Tweed District. 
Please consider assisting us by donating to our charity 
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What is the Protocol for Homeless?
The Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places (the Protocol) was
introduced in 2000 to guide State Government officials about to how to
relate to homeless people in public places.

The New South Wales Government introduced the Protocol to help ensure that homeless people are treated
appropriately and receive services if they need, or request them. It is an important element in the Government’s strategy for
preventing homelessness and responding effectively when it occurs.
to view or download the 
"NSW Protocol for Homeless"
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Did you Know - Australia has the fourth highest proportion of children living in jobless families in the OECD

Around 84% of persistently jobless families are headed by single parents.
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ACOSS says despite 20 years of economic growth, poverty has increased in Australia....that equates to more than 2.2 million (over 12%) people living below the poverty line in Australia and close to 600,000 of them are children.

Does "free range eggs and meat" really mean free range if the large corporations change the rules?

Beggars plan masking the real issues of homelessness?

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Heaven For The Homeless
John F. Montgomery

Is there a Heaven for the homeless
When we leave this earth below?
When our time on earth is over,
Will we have a place to go?

It's hell enough here below,
Living on what others give;
If God gives us a home in Heaven,
Then we'll have a place to live.

I can almost see us now,
Gathered there around God's throne;
Feeling very proud of ourselves,
Because we finally have a home.

What about all the others,
Who call us a bum
Laughing at us behind our backs,
And always making fun.

Isn't it true we're all the same,
In the eyes of God?
Then, you'd better be careful, friend,
Of the path you trod.

Think about those things you say,
And of the things you do,
Or you might find on Judgement Day,
That you are homeless too.

I am Blogging now.and discussing homeless issues, poverty, unjustices...
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"Abandoned; But Not Forgotten" Campaign

So many Single Families and children not able to find accommodation in the Tweed. Sleeping in sheds, cars and motel rooms !!!!!

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